Former IABC UK President Casilda Malagon and renowned Communication, Human Resources, and Change consultant Stephen Welch have developed Corporate Snakes and Ladders, a fun take on tackling real-life communications issues which have an impact on individual and corporate reputations.

In the Snakes and Ladders universe, team members take on the role of Carmen Spinoza, the Communications Director of fictional company Globocorp. This provides participants with the opportunity to hone their strategic decision-making skills in a challenging, yet consultative, environment.

The Corporate Snakes and Ladders activity is rooted in corporate communications, but also espouses principles that may be applied to other corporate functions. The workshop was initially introduced during the 2016 IABC World Conference, and has since been conducted in companies and in a major London University as part of its postgraduate Public Relations curriculum.

Its main areas of focus include:

  • Consensus building, and the setting of team member roles.
  • Identification of the impact business challenges, and how to aptly manage them.
  • Knowing how to properly apply best practice principles to real-life issues.

Around the world – and in Montreal…

Corporate Snakes and Ladders recently made an appearance at Fusion, the most recent IABC Asia Pacific Regional Conference. Held in Singapore, Fusion focused on the sharing of knowledge regarding how to be a successful communications professional. IABC Malaysia President Kristy Christie lauded Ms. Malagon and Mr. Welch’s program, expressing gratitude for introducing a fresh and engaging way to view and manage communications dilemmas.

Come to  early and immerse yourself in discovering how to further your career at the pre-conference Strategic Adviser Forum: Corporate Snakes and Ladders with Stephen Welch and Casilda Malagon.

This special session takes place on 3 June. Book early to avoid disappointment.



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