Tim Harrison, Communications and Marketing Director

“Part board game, part simulation and a whole lot of fun, this is a great learning experience. Comms pros who want to develop (or challenge) their strategic business or consultative skills should start right here.”

Celia Enyioko-Hanniford, Communications Manager, Hanover Housing Association

“Stephen recently delivered Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders to our Communications Team as part of an away day event.
Everyone agreed this was an innovative session, helping us explore some of the challenges we face and how we can take a different perspective on our role.

Stephen tailored our session so that, alongside the game, we each also had opportunity to think about our own behaviour and preferred communication styles, including where we may need to flex our default approach to get better results.”

Neil Griffiths, Communication Manager, Environmental Resources Management

“… by far the standout session I attended was the Corporate Snakes and Ladders, created and facilitated by Casilda Malagón and Stephen Welch. It was such a clever, innovative and engaging way of using the IABC Global Standard to inform personal career decisions and professional dilemmas, using the backdrop of a snakes and ladders board. As participants it made us think about what is right and what is easy (from a communication sense) and challenged us to think about organizational politics and maneuvering, which is something you don’t ordinarily get from a session at a conference of this kind. Congrats to the team for a great concept!”